Don’t be tripped up by Betfair trading betting bots


I was just reading an offer I got in my email. It’s about using a bot to automate Betfair trading.

Basically you download a file to the bot and the bot runs on autopilot making you money every day.

I have actually, in real life, done two of these schemes.

They can work, that’s for sure, and I am not here to say they don’t.

What I am here to recommend is that you do a lot of due diligence if you are tempted by them. In particular find out what the daily pay out has been over the last few months and work out the likely variance (i.e. count how many days you will lose against how many you will win).

I also recommend that you train yourself in long term profit making mind-set and the basics (at least) of Betfair trading. Don’t just go into it with no knowledge and no game-plan because you think the bot will do everything. It won’t, and you need to be able to understand what is happening in case things go wrong (i.e. be able to formulate an exit strategy).

The offer claims to pay out almost every day but in my experience the pay out rate is no different to any other gambling scheme.

You will need a bank, you will need a long-term outlook and you will need to keep your eyes on it like a hawk.

Don’t forget you will have to pay a monthly fee (probably) for the file, but you will also pay a monthly fee for the bot itself.

You will have to earn more than those costs each month before breaking even.

Using bots can be a nice way of earning an almost passive income but don’t dive in with your eyes shut.





4 Million Jobs to go in the UK. Are You Ready?

4 million jobs in the UK are about to disappear.

By “about” I mean in the next ten years so unless you are retiring in that time you should take note.

The modern labour market is not like it was in the past when you could expect a job for life, or maybe 2 or 3 as you progress in your company or chosen industry.

Since the financial regulations were deregulated and the unions destroyed in the ‘80s the labour market has become nothing but a race to the bottom. Continually falling wages and conditions have led to a cheap labour mentality with no other objective than to make money for shareholders.

There is no concept of passing profit to workers unless you are on the board or own shares. If you want a pay-rise then they expect people to borrow it and get trapped in a cycle of debt until pay-day loans become the only way to survive.

Despite the almost slave labour conditions that many UK workers find themselves in, labour is the most expensive cost that a business has and companies will take the opportunity to get rid of that cost at the first chance they get.

That is why 4 million jobs are going to disappear. Note that I said ‘going to disappear’, not ‘might disappear’, or are ‘at risk’. They will disappear.

Automation is going to take them. I have spent my life working in I.T. I am trained in Information Technology, a term that isn’t used so much these days but the gist of it is that I am able to go into a company, analyse where they can make “efficiency savings” using information systems (computers) and then run programmes to implement the changes.

“Efficiency changes” means getting rid of people wherever possible because people are inefficient, prone to errors and emotions. They break rules on purpose and very often work against the objectives of the company on purpose. Generally the rule is that if you can take people out of the process then do it.

Right now automated cars are being used in the USA and Japan. Licences have been handed out in the UK for the first completely autonomous vehicles to  take to the roads.

Every taxi, delivery and haulage job in the western world will disappear. No questions about it. I have written about it and I have spoken directly to taxi drivers when I am in taxis but no-one believes me.

Honestly, it will happen. I can see it as clearly as I can see this screen. Anyone who is not retiring in the next 10 years and is in a job that is going to be automated needs to retrain right now.

The way I see it there are two things you can retrain in to avoid the devastation that will happen, the first is any job where you get to control the robots. By this I mean computer programming, systems design, project/programme management and that kind of thing. Be in charge of the robots because there are going to be plenty of them to take charge of.

The second is using the internet and selling knowledge products. Facebook alone has 2 billion (2 thousand million) users, all waiting to buy whatever you can sell them. The scope is endless and easily able to soak up 4 million people. The trouble is our brains don’t let us see it.

We automatically think that 4 million new internet sites will flood the market, but it will be 4 million serving 2 billion people on just one platform. Add Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and whatever comes along next and the possibilities are endless. Most importantly those the opportunities cannot be taken away by robots.

Internet entrepreneurs use robots – yes, they automate everything – yes and that is the point, they control the robots.

Most people completely fail to understand the scale of what is going to happen and the scale of the opportunity the internet provides. Most people I speak to still, to this day, complain that they don’t even know how to turn a computer on.

Well I’m sorry but that is no longer an excuse. You likely have one in your hand and are reading this on it. You can run your business from the device in your hand as easily as you can write on a page.

You just need to retrain, and by the power of the internet you can do that completely free of charge. There are literally hundreds of training courses on the internet for free that will train you on how to use the internet to sell and what to sell on it.

If selling physical products is not your thing then sell your knowledge.  Everyone has something they know that they can write about, and don’t worry if you can’t write, you can outsource that incredibly cheaply. In fact you can outsource almost everything incredibly cheaply.

I just wish I could convince more people to listen to me, it’s frustrating when you are warning people of impending disaster and they treat you with the disdain afforded the local traffic light megaphone jockey.

I, and everyone in my industry, can see what is going to happen. We talk about it every day. We are all retraining wherever we need to, whether it be improving our internet marketing techniques, understanding crypto coins, brushing up on sales funnels, webinars and designing free products to download. We are preparing, and so should you.

I am an ex-scout, anybody else who has ever been a scout, no matter for how short a time, has one thing burned into their brain that they will never shake. It’s one of the best pieces of knowledge that a human being can be given. Heed it well.

Be Prepared.

Schemes Tested in 2017 That Work

2017 has been a bumper year of testing for me. I normally fit in one, maybe two schemes per year but this year has been a veritable smorgasbord of get rich quick delights – and guess what? I’m still not rich!

That’s because most of them don’t work!

I might not be rich but I have learned even more about what actually works. The schemes below are on my list of schemes that I will put more effort into when I have a big enough bank. They are NOT get rich quick schemes, they are low stakes gambling. Obviously once you get the hang of them you can risk as much as you like, but I went with the absolute minimum.

I am confident that by taking a long-term approach using these systems anyone can make a fair bit of money out of them.

I’ll put a warning in right here, I have tested every scheme below with minimum input, I put the claims of the scheme to the test and found them to be truthful and in many cases I have asked for a refund too and got that back. However, you must do your own due diligence and must accept that there is risk in all of these schemes.

If you want a completely risk-free method of making money then you need to go and do matched betting.

I can tell you for a fact that the results in the schemes below will depend on the effort you put in and you might lose every penny you invest. Note you cannot lose more than you invest (like certain stock market spreads).

If you have a gambling problem I suggest you steer clear of all these schemes. You can get advice if you have a problem at


Now, with all the warnings out of the way (or in your case – duly considered) let’s crack on.


The Power Mining Pool

This is a crypto-coin mining service that pays in Bitcoin.

They mine 8 alternative crypto-coins and then trade them against Bitcoin and pay you in Bitcoin

Mining should be considered a more long-term way of investing in Bitcoin.

They also have a great affiliate programme that you are automatically enrolled in (like I am), just share the link with family and friends and get paid for it in Bitcoin!

Just sign up, buy a package and let the service do the rest! from as little as €50 (or you local equivalent)

Highly Recommended!


Full Disclosure: I am not an affiliate for any of the schemes below and do not receive any money from them.

The Rainbow’s End

This is a horse racing scheme where you effectively make up your own book – that means place a bet on every horse in a race at different bookmaker’s so that no matter which horse wins you get your money back.

Once you have placed your bets you know what your loss is going to be, at £100 per book (i.e. £100 across all horses) that will be about £1.50 to £2.00 (ish).

The genius is that once your “book” is set up there is a chance that some horses’ odds will drift and because of Best Odds Guaranteed offers you win at better odds than you originally staked – thus providing a profit.

I doubled my £100 to £200 in one bet but mostly I won smaller amounts.

Why I don’t do it

The system does all the donkey work for you but you still have to place bets at the time you receive a notification, this can be any time in the day, randomly, and you might have multiple “books” to set up too.

This requires you to have the time almost immediately from receiving the alert to place a load of bets and also have some money in each of the bookmakers you intend to use so you don’t have to mess around depositing money. You have to get the bets on as quickly as you can because the odds can change at any second.  This isn’t easy to do when you have a 9-5 job to do and cannot know when you are free.

The second I get the chance to have maybe a full month of time I will definitely be signing back up with this system.


Clive Keeling’s Delay React Trade system

This is a soccer (mainly) based system where you bet in-play during the matches. Clive has a set of rules he follows that provide some hefty wins.

You can do this scheme either as a gambler or a trader – basically it’s up to you when you get out of a bet and the profit you can make.

After joining you sign up to Clive’s chat group and he personally takes you through everything in real time, almost every day. Basically you are doing what he does at the time he does it. Clive is really friendly and is more than willing to answer  beginner questions.

After a while you start to learn his tricks and research methods etc. so you can make your own choices and impress your mates down the pub when you see a nice 2-2 plump and ripe for the picking.

his is 9-5 friendly because most of the matches are in the evening and on the weekend, which I really liked.

Why I don’t do it

The nature of the beast is that you bet in-play. Take a Saturday for instance, there are games all over Europe all day from 12.30pm so you sit through all the matches, all day, to make the most money.

Of course you can stop whenever you like and restart any time you like in the day, but for maximum profit you need to be thinking about hardcore football match monitoring and stat reviewing. Note you do not get to watch any of the football you are monitoring – you are looking at stats.

The trouble for me is that I do not like football – never have and sitting through endless hours of football just doesn’t do it for me.

If you love football (which most people do) then this could well be for you.

Like any scheme you have to put effort in and don’t be surprised with early losses. Set up a bank and go for it.


Clive Keeling’s What Really Wins Money

This scheme provides a number of ways of betting that you can add to your portfolio.

Practically everything is done for you and mostly it’s a case of copying and pasting  the information Clive provides to place bets.

I particularly like that there were a number of simple schemes you can pick and choose from and create a portfolio, although obviously doing all of them is the best way to make maximum profit.

It’s a very hands off approach. You can place bets in the morning and forget about them.

Why I don’t do it

Mainly because I am an idiot.

This was one of my first “betting” schemes and I didn’t understand the importance of having a bank and variance.

I didn’t allocate enough money to smooth out the losing phases. I now know that all schemes have them and it’s easy to cope with a decent staking plan – but I didn’t know that when I joined, I still had a lot to learn.

Because I went to America this year and it was my daughter’s 18th and my youngest’s 15th and I have to pay for my eldest to go to university I just don’t have the bank to do this – yet.

This scheme was so easy, now I am writing about it I can’t for the life of me fathom why I haven’t made the effort and got back in it.

Like I said, I am an idiot


Matthew Walton’s Golf Insider

This scheme involves betting on golf.

Each Tuesday and Thursday Matthew provides you with a set of tips for the golf tournaments each week and over time you make profit. Simple.

Placing the bets is easy and is hands-off once placed. You don’t need to understand anything about golf, just place the bets.

Matthew is very friendly and will answer any of your questions quickly.

The simple point of this scheme is that Matthew’s “insider” knows about Golf and the bookmakers don’t. So you profit.

It works.

Why I don’t do it

One reason and one reason only – I don’t have enough money to put into a decent bank for this because of the stuff I have paid for this year (mentioned earlier).

The second I have the money to put into a bank specifically for this system I will re-join.



So there you go – my pick of the bunch through 2017. Check them out if you have an appetite for a bit of risk.

I am new to betting schemes and have only taken them up in the last year or so. I am glad I did because I have found the betting community to be very friendly, professional and transparent. The people above give first class advice and guidance for their schemes and leave nothing out – not even the down sides – so you can make an informed decision.

To date not one betting scheme or bookmaker has abused the use of my details unlike almost every other thing I have signed up for or company I have bought from online.

I love low stakes betting and is going to be a large part of my future with most of the schemes above in my portfolio.

No doubt I will find others through 2018 and as soon as I do I will let you know.