Simplifying :-)

Hi {!firstname_fix},
Life is too complicated sometimes.
At the moment I have two internet hosting providers (Powweb and SFM) and one domain hosting company.
The bill for my Powweb account is due next month so it’s time to simplify and ditch one of the hosting providers.
I have been with Powweb for many years, hosting many web sites and databases with them but the truth of it is I don’t use web sites in the same way these days and I haven’t touched a database for well over a year.
Powweb is much cheaper than SFM but Powweb require a two year payment to get the best deal.
SFM costs more every month but you get all the awesome training and community as well.
So I think it’s time to say goodbye to Powweb and host everything on the Six Figure Mentors’ systems.
If you are still on the fence about the SFM then jump off and go for it.  🙂
Their training really is second-to-none and their affiliate programme gives you ready made high ticket products to sell without doing anything yourself.
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Pissing about

Ay up everyone.

It’s been a week of having a plan and then not following it and then whining when I haven’t made any money.

Truth be told I have been sorting out finances at home with it being the time of year us poor Britons have to send in tax returns.

But that isn’t my only excuse. I got a bit of shiney-button-itis because I reckon I have sussed out how to beat Blackjack and playing with that took me some time.

I’ve also been working away a lot for my J.O.B which puts everything on hold for a day or two each time.

Also also, I thought that now would be a good time to try out yet another get rich quick scheme. Again that takes up my time.

Excuses excuses.

So back to the plan from today, well tomorrow because I am in Leeds today so no gambling for me.

I need to earn some money from matched betting and stop pissing about. I also have the arbitrage betting sussed out so I need to put more effort into that.

It’s the beginning of the month tomorrow and February this year is going to be a very important month for me if I am ever to hit the £4k mark.

But, onwards and upwards!

You might have noticed some slight changes to my web site at to make navigation a bit easier (and also because Sue, my Mrs., told me to change it and I was afraid not to).