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Lee and Anna

Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Lee Ramsbottom.


It’s an unfortunate part of modern day society that tens of thousands of people are trapped into payday loans. Forced to lend from companies that are basically legalised loan sharks, people are exploited and trapped.

The current jobs market in the UK is based around low pay low quality jobs that do not pay enough to live, let alone service a debt that can be over 1000% APR. I am trying my best to help with that.

My mission is to tackle both parts of the problem. In the UK I promote matched betting (something I do myself to earn a great second income) which gives most people the ability to pay off a payday loan in around 3 months depending on the size of the loan.

Once paid off the spare money can be used for anything but I recommend that people change their lives by using the money to set up their own internet business.

Freeing them up from the 9-5 rat race that got them into debt in the first place, giving them a fantastic income that most people can only dream of to properly support their families and allow them more freedom to do what they want with their lives.

If you have payday loan and and are in the UK then check out my website www.thesocietyofmatchedbettors.com and let me show you how to get money to pay it off.