4 Million Jobs to go in the UK. Are You Ready?

4 million jobs in the UK are about to disappear.

By “about” I mean in the next ten years so unless you are retiring in that time you should take note.

The modern labour market is not like it was in the past when you could expect a job for life, or maybe 2 or 3 as you progress in your company or chosen industry.

Since the financial regulations were deregulated and the unions destroyed in the ‘80s the labour market has become nothing but a race to the bottom. Continually falling wages and conditions have led to a cheap labour mentality with no other objective than to make money for shareholders.

There is no concept of passing profit to workers unless you are on the board or own shares. If you want a pay-rise then they expect people to borrow it and get trapped in a cycle of debt until pay-day loans become the only way to survive.

Despite the almost slave labour conditions that many UK workers find themselves in, labour is the most expensive cost that a business has and companies will take the opportunity to get rid of that cost at the first chance they get.

That is why 4 million jobs are going to disappear. Note that I said ‘going to disappear’, not ‘might disappear’, or are ‘at risk’. They will disappear.

Automation is going to take them. I have spent my life working in I.T. I am trained in Information Technology, a term that isn’t used so much these days but the gist of it is that I am able to go into a company, analyse where they can make “efficiency savings” using information systems (computers) and then run programmes to implement the changes.

“Efficiency changes” means getting rid of people wherever possible because people are inefficient, prone to errors and emotions. They break rules on purpose and very often work against the objectives of the company on purpose. Generally the rule is that if you can take people out of the process then do it.

Right now automated cars are being used in the USA and Japan. Licences have been handed out in the UK for the first completely autonomous vehicles to  take to the roads.

Every taxi, delivery and haulage job in the western world will disappear. No questions about it. I have written about it and I have spoken directly to taxi drivers when I am in taxis but no-one believes me.

Honestly, it will happen. I can see it as clearly as I can see this screen. Anyone who is not retiring in the next 10 years and is in a job that is going to be automated needs to retrain right now.

The way I see it there are two things you can retrain in to avoid the devastation that will happen, the first is any job where you get to control the robots. By this I mean computer programming, systems design, project/programme management and that kind of thing. Be in charge of the robots because there are going to be plenty of them to take charge of.

The second is using the internet and selling knowledge products. Facebook alone has 2 billion (2 thousand million) users, all waiting to buy whatever you can sell them. The scope is endless and easily able to soak up 4 million people. The trouble is our brains don’t let us see it.

We automatically think that 4 million new internet sites will flood the market, but it will be 4 million serving 2 billion people on just one platform. Add Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and whatever comes along next and the possibilities are endless. Most importantly those the opportunities cannot be taken away by robots.

Internet entrepreneurs use robots – yes, they automate everything – yes and that is the point, they control the robots.

Most people completely fail to understand the scale of what is going to happen and the scale of the opportunity the internet provides. Most people I speak to still, to this day, complain that they don’t even know how to turn a computer on.

Well I’m sorry but that is no longer an excuse. You likely have one in your hand and are reading this on it. You can run your business from the device in your hand as easily as you can write on a page.

You just need to retrain, and by the power of the internet you can do that completely free of charge. There are literally hundreds of training courses on the internet for free that will train you on how to use the internet to sell and what to sell on it.

If selling physical products is not your thing then sell your knowledge.  Everyone has something they know that they can write about, and don’t worry if you can’t write, you can outsource that incredibly cheaply. In fact you can outsource almost everything incredibly cheaply.

I just wish I could convince more people to listen to me, it’s frustrating when you are warning people of impending disaster and they treat you with the disdain afforded the local traffic light megaphone jockey.

I, and everyone in my industry, can see what is going to happen. We talk about it every day. We are all retraining wherever we need to, whether it be improving our internet marketing techniques, understanding crypto coins, brushing up on sales funnels, webinars and designing free products to download. We are preparing, and so should you.

I am an ex-scout, anybody else who has ever been a scout, no matter for how short a time, has one thing burned into their brain that they will never shake. It’s one of the best pieces of knowledge that a human being can be given. Heed it well.

Be Prepared.