Lessons Learned in 2017


2017 has been an awful year for me health wise, but fantastic internet wise 🙂 It fell into 2 main categories – What I have learned and betting/get rich quick systems I have tested.

In this post I’ll cover what I have learned and in the next I’ll explain the schemes.

The most important thing I have learned is that investing in your education and business is vital.

Whether you are a bitcoin miner/investor trying to get people to sign up to your scheme or you have set up a Spotify/Oberlo drop shipping business you simply MUST learn how to list build and market properly. I’ve seen many, many people not applying basic principles and potentially losing out on tons of affiliate sign-ups because of it.

I still recommend the Six Figure Mentor’s for training. Join them, get a 30 day free trial and you’ll never look back.

The second is that the rise of automation is unstoppable.

I can see whole swathes of society losing their jobs, in particular driving jobs and warehousing.

I had a conversation just last week with a taxi driver about how they are running driver-less cabs in Tokyo and America and he had to retrain now or his job would evaporate.

I explained that the company he works for will automate as soon as possible because people are the largest cost of any business and businesses will get rid of them at every opportunity.

To paraphrase him, “it might be good enough for Tokyo but there’s no way we’ll have driver-less cars here anytime soon”.

I explained that we really will, in the next 3-5 years, but he wouldn’t believe me. I got out of the car sad and frustrated. I wish people would just listen to me! They have plenty of time to retrain so long as they start now but to a person they don’t believe me. They think it’s too futuristic {sigh}.

The third is that people don’t understand risk properly.

Bitcoin and other crypto-coins have been a wild ride this year but what I have found most disturbing are the number of people just diving in without carefully considering what they are doing.

I’ve tested Power Mining Pool to prove it works. However I still see people expecting short term profits (i.e. trading) but not applying a trader’s mentality to it.

They really should take a trading course before starting, even a gambling risk course would help because it’s the same thing.

I’ll try to create a simple course about risk next year but for now, if you or anyone you know is considering investing in anything (Bitcoin, other crypto-coins, the stock-market, Betfair trading or binary options) please make sure you take some proper risk training, and advise your contacts to do it too.

That’s all for now.

I hope you have a great boxing day.