Strike a balance

We (the mrs. and I) had our nieces over for the weekend (aged 18 months and 6y).
It reminded me that work is not everything. Having fun with family and friends keeps you grounded.
It’s hard to stop work sometimes but looking after my nieces was more hard work than work!
As I’ve said all my adult life, it takes effort to have fun, often it’s easier to not bother.
Make sure you strike a balance between the effort you put into work and the effort you put into having fun!
Of course, when you love what you do, having fun is the default no matter how hard it gets, just like looking after children 🙂
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How to choose an internet marketing guru

AKA – What to expect when you sign up to a scheme!

A common problem is that people sign up to internet marketing schemes, go through the training and then get stuck.

Before you sign up, or if you are stuck, have a watch of this video.

It will guide you whichever scheme you choose (there is no selling in the video).

Have a watch and let me know if you get any value.

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The Six Figure Mentors

The Power Lead System

The Super Affiliate Network

Progress of my Bitcoin mining test – Leeram

Ay up,

Just a quick update on my Bitcoin mining test. It’s going as expected so far. There are two things happening in November called “Bitcoin forks” so it will be interesting to see if there is any effect on what get back (positive or negative).


As you can see I have earned €7.20 for my €50 investment so still a way to go before I get any profit. Remember I am expecting 40% profit after 140 days. This is a slow burner!