Low risk betting schemes that are not scams – Leeram

ScamAs you know I love to do get rich quick schemes so I can tell my family first-hand what to avoid. I find them fun.
The main benefit of doing every scheme I can is that I can spot a scam a mile away but there is also a second benefit – I know through personal experience which schemes ARE NOT scams.
Up to now, in the financial world, I have only promoted matched betting (www.thesocietyofmatchedbettors.com) because I know it is 100% risk free.
However I know a good few schemes which require a small risk but pay decent returns for long term profits. I know for a fact they are not scams and I know for a fact that they work.
I know for a fact that Bitcoin mining is not a scam so long as you use the company I used. (and many others.)
I don’t like to promote anything with risk because I’m worried people will lose money even though the risk is very small (in one scheme just £2 per bet but I personally made £200 in one bet). But I also feel guilty because I know some great schemes that can generate people long term profit for hardly any effort and I want to tell everyone about them.
The education I have gained in betting odds and something called “value” while doing these schemes beats anything I learned in A level maths.
I can see offers as I walk past gambling shops and KNOW which are bad value and which are good.
I can tell from the way a scheme is explained whether it will work or not.
I know that it’s understanding, and meticulously sticking to, a few simple rules that separates “mug punters” from professional bettors.
Now, I don’t do every scheme myself. Take Betfair trading for instance. I know for a fact you can make hundreds per week out of it with small stakes if you join and follow a particular scheme. But you need to sit through football games almost each and every night because the trades are on football and you have to do them in-play. I don’t like football so sitting through games every night is not for me.
I don’t do that scheme often – but I know it works. I regularly see a game in-play in the pub or whatever and can easily see massive value so I place a quick bet or two on my mobile as I learned in that scheme. But that’s it for me.  If you like football though, you could make a fantastic second income off it so I feel I should tell you about it.
But there again it does carry risk, albeit very small, so maybe I shouldn’t tell you!
To resolve my angst I have made a decision to describe and promote the systems I know for a fact work, but first I will put together the rules you need to obey for every scheme I recommend.
I will make those rules freely available and point to them in every article I write about low risk betting. That way I can be sure people are acting on the best information I can give with a full understanding of the risk and what to expect.
As usual I will not be mentioning the schemes I know are scams. I only ever write about what works. Everything else is not worth my typing time!
Keep your eyes peeled for my blog updates!