Organizing email – I need some help.

Ay Up.

I was having problems with M$ Outlook 2016 not applying rules properly to my inboxes. (I am a M$ fanboy for sure.)

I receive hundreds of emails per day so it is vital that the system sorts through it for me and Outlook has always been great but recently I just can’t get it to process the rules properly.

As it happens I recently moved my email accounts to a different supplier so I took the opportunity to remove all my inboxes from Outlook and start again.

The trouble now is that I have 5 email inboxes so far, and I haven’t added my 2 google addresses yet. Outlook still won’t process the rules properly. It’s fine in the default inbox but in the additional ones it just won’t work.

It’s turning into a nightmare.

I lost my patience with M$ and decided to see if Google could help, but it’s worse. I couldn’t get it to filter anything out of any account. I could create labels but the emails still appeared in the main inbox.

It’s getting on my nerves so I need to find a solution but I can’t find anything.

Let me know if you know of anything that might help me!