Low risk betting schemes that are not scams – Leeram

ScamAs you know I love to do get rich quick schemes so I can tell my family first-hand what to avoid. I find them fun.
The main benefit of doing every scheme I can is that I can spot a scam a mile away but there is also a second benefit – I know through personal experience which schemes ARE NOT scams.
Up to now, in the financial world, I have only promoted matched betting (www.thesocietyofmatchedbettors.com) because I know it is 100% risk free.
However I know a good few schemes which require a small risk but pay decent returns for long term profits. I know for a fact they are not scams and I know for a fact that they work.
I know for a fact that Bitcoin mining is not a scam so long as you use the company I used. (and many others.)
I don’t like to promote anything with risk because I’m worried people will lose money even though the risk is very small (in one scheme just £2 per bet but I personally made £200 in one bet). But I also feel guilty because I know some great schemes that can generate people long term profit for hardly any effort and I want to tell everyone about them.
The education I have gained in betting odds and something called “value” while doing these schemes beats anything I learned in A level maths.
I can see offers as I walk past gambling shops and KNOW which are bad value and which are good.
I can tell from the way a scheme is explained whether it will work or not.
I know that it’s understanding, and meticulously sticking to, a few simple rules that separates “mug punters” from professional bettors.
Now, I don’t do every scheme myself. Take Betfair trading for instance. I know for a fact you can make hundreds per week out of it with small stakes if you join and follow a particular scheme. But you need to sit through football games almost each and every night because the trades are on football and you have to do them in-play. I don’t like football so sitting through games every night is not for me.
I don’t do that scheme often – but I know it works. I regularly see a game in-play in the pub or whatever and can easily see massive value so I place a quick bet or two on my mobile as I learned in that scheme. But that’s it for me.  If you like football though, you could make a fantastic second income off it so I feel I should tell you about it.
But there again it does carry risk, albeit very small, so maybe I shouldn’t tell you!
To resolve my angst I have made a decision to describe and promote the systems I know for a fact work, but first I will put together the rules you need to obey for every scheme I recommend.
I will make those rules freely available and point to them in every article I write about low risk betting. That way I can be sure people are acting on the best information I can give with a full understanding of the risk and what to expect.
As usual I will not be mentioning the schemes I know are scams. I only ever write about what works. Everything else is not worth my typing time!
Keep your eyes peeled for my blog updates!

Remove the Christmas wallet pain – get a second income

I was thinking the other day about the pain that Christmas causes.

Everybody is skint because of austerity.

Some people managed to get a few breadcrumbs handed out to them in a Black Friday offer (or what we used to call the Autumn Sale) but the main event is only a month away.

A significant number of us will be buying presents on credit cards. This is bad, and I know this from bitter experience.

Wouldn’t it be better if you had a second income? Something easy and tax free but most importantly something that can give you some income before Christmas 2017?

Matched betting is it. Have a watch of my 100% FREE tutorial video (or read the PDF) and get in on the action right now!

But what about after that? Matched betting can take you so far but it won’t allow you to ditch the 9-5 and won’t protect you from the robots that are coming to deprive you of your job, you know – automated cars and trucks, even automated floor sweepers for crying out loud.

To do that you need a passive income made up of multiple income streams and you need to learn how to make money just using the internet.

Go to the Six Figure Mentors and do just that!

Get access to amazing training and some awesome systems that will allow you to retrain and generate your own passive income.

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And finally, the latest thing I have tested that gives you 1% return PER DAY on your money is Bitcoin mining.

I have tested this personally and so far has generated 1% per day for real and you do NOTHING.


Here’s a tactic for FREE!

1 – Make money from matched betting right now

2- Invest some of it it into the Six figure Mentors and

3- Also put some into Bitcoin mining

That’s immediately multiple income streams and it won’t cost you a penny! GO FOR IT!


If that’s all no good then at least ask Father Christmas for an internet marketing training course and hopefully someone will buy you a membership to the Six Figure Mentors and allow you to invest in, and protect, your future.

If you don’t take action and do something now to protect your future then automation will come and bite you on the arse.

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Organizing email – I need some help.

Ay Up.

I was having problems with M$ Outlook 2016 not applying rules properly to my inboxes. (I am a M$ fanboy for sure.)

I receive hundreds of emails per day so it is vital that the system sorts through it for me and Outlook has always been great but recently I just can’t get it to process the rules properly.

As it happens I recently moved my email accounts to a different supplier so I took the opportunity to remove all my inboxes from Outlook and start again.

The trouble now is that I have 5 email inboxes so far, and I haven’t added my 2 google addresses yet. Outlook still won’t process the rules properly. It’s fine in the default inbox but in the additional ones it just won’t work.

It’s turning into a nightmare.

I lost my patience with M$ and decided to see if Google could help, but it’s worse. I couldn’t get it to filter anything out of any account. I could create labels but the emails still appeared in the main inbox.

It’s getting on my nerves so I need to find a solution but I can’t find anything.

Let me know if you know of anything that might help me!