Small Businesses – Boost your sales significantly

If you are a small business owner or one-man-band you don’t have much time so I will keep this short.

You know you need to use the internet, maybe have a Facebook page and possibly a web site.

That is not how you get business on the internet.

You MUST build an email list and then follow up regularly. That way you have a list of interested, warm buyers waiting for your offers.

It’s NOT hard to manage an email list AND you can get that list to AUTOMATICALLY email people itself

You get more customers on autopilot.

Go here to learn more, you need 2.5 minutes to listen to it.



Re-train NOW!

The rest of this century will be brutal on the working classes. When the Tories came to power in Britain in 1979 the north of the country started to get battered. It got worse and worse as industry after industry was targeted by the government and shut down, most famously the mining industry. Whole communities… Continue reading Re-train NOW!