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I may have mentioned once or twice that I have been off work. Plagued by the head monster known as chronic anxiety.

Today is a good day though because I went to see the doctor and should be good to go back to work.

I started my internet marketing adventure accidentally, the result of trying to work out how my programmes in the NHS can communicate with people in the NHS more effectively, especially with email communications at a programme/project level. You know, something work related that could stave off the boredom of being at home yet not be too worky (that’s a real word, I’m sure of it) that it would stop me getting better.

I stumbled across Aweber and then the Six figure Mentors and it was as I went through their training I realised I absolutely love internet marketing.

I got a bit distracted and found the Market Hero training and how to set up a drop shipping site – so off I went and built my own site!

Just a week or two later and I had the Power Lead System recommended to me so I had many pleasurable hours using that to build sales funnels.

Then, finally (well, not quite finally finally) I delved into the wonderful Super Affiliate Network training which complemented the Six Figure Mentors’ training perfectly.

A week or so ago I realised that I had so much fun using my new systems that I hadn’t really concentrated on any single one of them to build a business. I haven’t put the required effort in to make a business work (I couldn’t – I was ill), nor the investment needed.

All that can change now. Once I am back at work I can go full-on marketing in my spare time, but what to market?

I have decided to concentrate on helping people get out of payday load debt by matched betting, and then using the money after the debt is paid off to set up a sustainable business. For that I will be recommending the Six Figure Mentors because there mission is to teach people how to set up an internet business from scratch and they provide everything you need.

Once I have made some progress with that model I will be weaving in the Super Affiliate Network and Power Lead System products because they are superb.

I have been incredibly lucky in finding such good systems straight away without being ripped off and even more lucky to have joined the communities that surround those systems. In all my years on the internet I have never seen such committed, helpful and transparent people as I have in internet marketing. Actually the exact opposite of what the majority of people think when they hear the words internet and marketing in the same sentence.

I’m looking forward to and excited about my journey in internet marketing.




P.S. I say not finally finally because I have started to dabble in Bitcoin mining too. So far I have invested $50 and got back $2.5 in 4 days. So looking good up to now. Should be 1% per day. I can’t help but think if I put £1k in then I would have £10 per day – £300 per month. Just a teeny tiny bit better than the 1% per year I would get at a bank. But then again, what if Bitcoin crashes? We’ll see!




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