Take-Out Restaurants – Read This – Leeram

Take-out restaurants – YOU are paying to LOSE money

I just found out that a certain national online food ordering company in the UK charges 14% commission!

That’s on top of a ridiculous sign up fee!

I would imagine that as a restaurant owner you feel the sting on every order.


It’s worse than you think though because they understand the first rule of internet marketing

The money is in the list – the fortune is in the follow up.

You go out and deliver leaflets,

You attract people to your shop.

Those people then order using the online system YOU pay 14% for and the NATIONAL COMPANY gets their email addresses.

They then market all of your competitors to your customers. They got the asset you should have yourself!

The EMAIL address. That’s what’s key. You are paying them and giving them your best asset for them to use against you!


Build your own list, create some fantastic special offers and send them directly to YOUR customers.

Provide special offers if they come to the shop.

Provide special offers if they phone up.

Get creative, I’m sure you could do a lot with the extra 14% you earn off every extra customer!.


Learn how to build and automate your own list and see your orders increase!

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