Sometimes not caring is good

Normally caring about things is good but when it comes to long term profits with matched betting, or any form of proper gambling, you should avoid caring at all costs.

If you start to worry too much about whether you win or lose the bet (in matched betting you always win so no problem there!) then you start to chase your losses. That inevitably ends up with you losing a fortune.

What you need to do is not care about your bets. Give the end result of each individual bet a cursory glance and keep your eye on the long term. Losing a few low risk bets or having a bad run on the slots does not matter in the long term.

With matched betting what you lose is time (you always profit in money). If you spend an age deciding on which offers to do because you care about which sports to bet on or how much you will accept as a liability, then you will soak up time.

The solution is to go through Profit Accumulator’s “how to make £1000 per month” post each day and do everything in order. Just place the bets and move on to the next, don’t care about it, caring is bad.