Not going to London

It was my eldest daughter’s 18th birthday party this weekend so I am a little worse for wear as I write. She was 18 a couple of weeks ago but delayed the party until after her A Levels had finished.

I was just thinking about how thankful I am for matched betting. I don’t have enough disposable income to send my daughter to university, the only solution would be to get a new job and go to London. I earn a decent salary in the NHS but to send my daughter to university I would have to move to a private company and get paid more.

If I do that then I will basically be working away 5 days a week and will not see my youngest daughter very much. That’s not worth the extra money that I would make working in London, I’d rather live in a smaller house and pay less mortgage. Thankfully, matched betting allows me to earn a decent second income in about an hour a day, so I can stay at home.

Most people think it’s the money that matters but really the money is an enabler for whatever it is in your life you need. For me it’s to see my children every day, for you it will be something different but seriously consider matched betting if you haven’t already been convinced.