Finding Time

Finding time is difficult but good time management techniques can help immeasurably.

As you may or may not know I have started my own business as an affiliate marketer. The idea is that I explain the benefits of the products I actually use and trust on my PC and then display an affiliate link. If anyone clicks on it I get a small payment. I have a wide range of interests and I am proficient with lots of software, e.g. Digital Audio Workstations and all areas of music production, virus checkers (free and paid), free online software suites, utilities galore, betting software (Bet Angel, Geek’s Toy), password managers, internet hosting providers, email providers and all things video gaming related to name a few.

I started as an affiliate because when information is given out for free, people leave their own links in the comments section of the article or video, and they can take people to all sorts of nefarious sites which really is not a nice thing to do to your audience.

The trouble with starting the business is that it is taking a disproportionate amount of time which interferes with my matched betting. I am using the matched betting to fund the business. Rock. Hard place.

I am what you might call an expert at time management but I have never managed my personal time, only ever work time because after the rigidity of a work day I don’t want to be committed to anything in my own time. In effect I have time managed my spare time so that I don’t have to time manage in my spare time (error: guru meditation). But needs must and  from now on I will be implementing my time management methodology in my spare time too.

If you struggle to find time to achieve your goals then teach yourself a time management system. It needs to be simple but must teach you how to schedule tasks and prioritise. The online project management tools are not what you need (the clue is in the name, they are project management tools). Specifically search for time management. It is something I will put together in an information package but don’t wait for me, there are a load of systems out there.