Welcome to my personal site

Lee and Anna

My Name is Lee Ramsbottom (pictured with my daughter – Anna). I live in Middlesbrough in the UK but originate from Bolton in Lancashire.

My mission is to tackle 3 problems

  • Provide an education that shows people how to use the internet to start and maintain an online business
  • Teach ways for people to pay off payday loans and other rip off debt
  • Show people, by example, which internet “schemes” work and which are scams


Education is extremely important and I recommend the Six Figure Mentors’ training and systems. They provide everything you need to take an internet business from zero to as far as you like, including an amazing community of people you can meet and get support from.

Payday loans and other forms of short-term debt cripple people financially. Many people cannot think about education while they are suffering financially so I teach ways to achieve a small income to pay off those debts and then fund the education provided by the six figure mentors

Follow me on my blog or connect with me on Facebook and find out about my latest adventures in trying internet schemes! I do them so you don’t have to!

I take pride in only recommending high quality products that I have tested myself personally. I am an affiliate for most of those products so will normally receive a commission payment if you click on any of my links and then sign up for something. This is entirely optional and I will help in anyway I can regardless of whether you click my links or not.

The easiest way to contact me is to connect on Facebook or email me.